RPA Services to Intelligently Automate Your Business Processes

Leverage our RPA solutions for achieving faster test execution and improved time-to-market

Expert Assistance with Business Process Automation

To enhance operational efficiency, we provide RPA as a Service, leveraging AI to eliminate the need for human intervention. Our team possesses extensive experience with RPA tools for better communication with digital systems. Partner with ImpactQA to experience effective RPA solutions for developing, structuring, and executing next-generation automation procedures for complex business processes. We make use of bots to effectively carry out repeatable business processes and integration with human actions.

Streamlined business process automation

Streamlined business process automation

Expertise in enterprise RPA implementation

Expertise in enterprise RPA implementation

RPA implementation across multiple verticals

RPA implementation across multiple verticals

Skilled at handling changes within the business process

Skilled at handling changes within the business process

End-to-End RPA Services for Global Enterprises

ImpactQA can be trusted as an efficient partner in planning your RPA journey. Our team of experts helps you better understand the processes that require automation implementation. We then develop the automation roadmap for the client with a focused approach towards better productivity and FTE.


Decision-Centric Automation

Integrating bot scripts with robotic automation, we help your organization enhance decision-making capabilities.

Data Extraction & Organization

We provide high-end expertise using an automated RPA tool (Blue Prism, UiPath, etc) that can modify data into pre-defined formats.


Workflow Automation

Our team of RPA specialists delivers RPA solutions that automate data extraction and processing to help clients streamline their business processes.


Our RPA Testing Methodology

API Functional Testing

API Functional Testing

Assessment of definite functions within the codebase to ensure the API works as per specific parameters.

API Automation Testing

API Automation Testing

Creation of programs and scripts to test APIs on a regular basis for saving time and deliver quick results.

API Load Testing

API Load Testing

Run functional and load tests to analyze the API output and assess system performance under definite conditions.

API Integration Testing

API Integration Testing

Verify whether or not the concerned APIs fulfil expectations based on reliability, performance, and functionality.

API Security Testing

API Security Testing

Validate if the API accomplishes security needs like authentication, data encryption and essential access controls.

API Regression Testing

API Regression Testing

Thorough assessment to check how the API functions after the addition of new features and prominent bug fixes.

Negative Testing

Negative Testing

Conduct negative testing to ensure your software application smoothly handles invalid data input or unforeseen user behavior.

Reliability Testing

Reliability Testing

Careful analysis of the target API to make sure it can deliver accurate results consistently without any major complexities.

Our RPA Testing Methodology


Benefits of RPA Implementation


85% Task Automation


65% Cost Savings


4X Faster Time-to-Market


70% Improved Customer Experience

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Why Choose ImpactQA for RPA Services?

End-to-End Testing

As part of ImpactQA’s RPA solutions, we emphasize end-to-end testing for streamlined automation implementation.

Certified RPA Professionals

We partner with several leading technology vendors and manage a team of certified UiPath and Blue Prism QA resources.

Business Process Efficiency

By aligning bots with your business requirements, we ensure error-free work delivery for businesses.

Global Delivery Model

We follow a global delivery model covering on-shore, off-shore, and near-shore service offerings.

Process Transparency

We offer complete transparency regarding bug reporting, test advancements, and recommendations.

Orchestration of Workflow

We offer the right combination of AI and ML to manage governance and coordinate workflows for simple RPA implementation.


ImpactQA has been our pillar of strength to deliver great quality products/projects. We have involved ImpactQA throughout various phases of the project to write test cases, automate test scripts, do performance/stress testing of our ERP ( Oracle E-Business Suite) and web applications. Often we have been surprised by the out-of-the-box thinking and accuracy of test case execution, business knowledge and smartness of the ImpactQA team. Highly recommend the team & we would continue to use them on all our projects, however big or small they are.

Sachin Mathur

Director IT - Global Design & Innovation

ImpactQA has been our QA partner for more than 3 years now and we have been super impressed by their quality of deliverables, agility, processes and commitment. The 35 people QA team is on their toes all the time, they are smart and have great technical and business skills.

Venkat Manda

QA Director

I have been working with ImpactQA for 2 years now as my key QA contractor. The three ImpactQA contractors that work with us have become integral members of our team. They have gone far beyond any QA contractors I have worked with before - they have helped refine our process, bring in new tools, and are always thinking critically and proactively about how they can help my company succeed.

Shaun Stewart

Vice President - Delos

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