Load and Performance Testing to Deliver Stable Software Applications

We conduct end-to-end performance & load
testing to ensure application performance at
peak load for validating the quality and
operational capabilities

Your Trusted Performance Testing Partner Ensuring Highly Responsive Applications

Our skilled team of engineers comprehensively investigate your software application to keep them responsive and stable. At ImpactQA, we exhibit hands-on expertise in developing performance tests, highlighting our tailored testing strategy for global clients.

You can gauge our abilities by looking at our high-end knowledge of the newest technology stacks and tools, as well as the incorporation of performance engineering in the CI/CD pipeline to pinpoint early performance issues.

40% Reduced QA Costs

40% Reduced QA Costs

150+ Projects Completed

150+ Projects Completed

Performance Testing for Multi Domains and Platforms

Performance Testing for Multi Domains and Platforms

Technology Agnostic Testing Approach

Technology Agnostic Testing Approach

Flexible Delivery & Engagement Model

Flexible Delivery & Engagement Model

Application Performance Excellence Managed by Our Experts

Load Testing

Load Testing

We examine system behaviour at various loads to detect bottlenecks and precisely determine the factors responsible for them.

Performance Engineering

Performance Engineering

In addition to proactive end-to-end monitoring and testing of applications, we ensure seamless collaboration among teams, processes, and tools.

Stress Testing

Stress Testing

Our engineers assess your software application’s robustness under extreme load to recognize potential outrages and avoid system damage.

Benchmark Testing

Benchmark Testing

By utilizing this method, our experts compare the performance testing results to pre-established performance metrics that adhere to industry standards.

Regression Testing

Regression Testing

We perform thorough regression testing to ensure that no performance changes within the software due to recent upgrades impair the application's performance.

Scalability Testing

Scalability Testing

We gauge a software application's capacity and identify performance issues once an additional load is applied to better analyze the product's responsiveness.

Continuous Testing

Continuous Testing

To detect complex issues within the application, we amalgamate continuous testing (CT) and load testing in collaboration with the Agile and DevOps teams.

Power of AI Fueling Performance Testing

Talking about next-gen testing solutions, artificial intelligence (AI) ‘s prowess has enabled engineering teams to operate efficiently and deliver excellent customer satisfaction.

Innovate Quality Software

Successfully automate DevOps pipelines to deliver highly responsive applications

Enhanced Operational Efficiency

Deploy AI-powered methodologies to predict and mitigate issues before it reaches the users

Customer Focused Experience

Improve user interaction by tracking their journey with a view to elevate conversions and profits

Our Multi-Platform Performance Testing Capability

We skillfully conduct performance testing for mobile applications focusing on the software’s stability, operability, and resource consumption in varied conditions.

Our dedicated engineers perform website performance testing to determine the system’s overall performance and responsiveness under typical loads.

To reduce performance risks and detect bottlenecks early, we efficiently assess an API’s ability to handle an expected load.

Utilizing different key performance indicators (KPIs), we measure a web server’s response time and availability.

Technology-driven Performance Testing Solutions

Cloud-Based Performance Testing

Quick setup of a cloud-based test lab to implement a load generation strategy that allows the simulation of different users from multiple geographical locations.

Performance Testing as a Service (TaaS)

Deploy a TaaS model that replicates a real-world environment by framing virtual users to perform load testing and stress testing under a limited budget.

Performance Engineering Approach with DevOps

Follow shift-left approach for recognizing areas of concern in both SDLC & PTLC together with performance dashboard creation for implementing correct tools & techniques.

UX-based Performance Testing

Comprehensive UX-based performance testing that covers real-time monitoring of behavior patterns designing of load distribution from the end-user’s perspective covering multiple loads.

Hire a Reliable Testing Partner to Ensure Performance Improvements for Assured Software Quality

We are trusted by innovators - everywhere

Leveraging Performance Engineering Technology & Partnerships

We utilize our partnership with Tricentis, Micro Focus and Dynatrace to conduct load testing for complex applications and monitor infrastructure systems. Our knowledgeable engineers are adept at using AI tools that automate DevSecOps and streamline business processes, enabling enterprises to accomplish more with less work.

Always Testing for Excellence...

Full Cycle Performance Testing

Implementing end-to-end performance testing solutions for delivering future-proof applications with high scalability and responsiveness.

Customized Solutions

Creation of customized performance testing solutions synchronized with network and server configurations.

Hotspot Identification (HSID)

Examining different areas of a software application to identify sites which showcase consistently poor performance and require urgent improvements.

Cloud-based Labs

Presence of cloud-based test labs that help ensure flexibility demands by simulating actual real-life traffic to better analyze the application.

Application Performance Monitoring (APM)

Deploy APM approach to consistently track performance metrics in real-time for web, mobile, and desktop-based applications.

CI/CD Pipeline Integration

Integrate performance engineering within the CI/CD pipeline for early detection of bottlenecks within the SDLC.


ImpactQA tested NYRR.ORG which has a .NET Front-End and Drupal back-end. A team of functional, automation, performance and security testers helped NYRR test multiple web applications. The quality of testing performed was great (given that NYRR is a really complex website) and we never had any issues in production. I highly recommend ImpactQA and wish them success.

Mike Benyo

Former CIO - NYRR

ImpactQA has been our pillar of strength to deliver great quality products/projects. We have involved ImpactQA throughout various phases of the project to write test cases, automate test scripts, do performance/stress testing of our ERP ( Oracle E-Business Suite) and web applications. Often we have been surprised by the out-of-the-box thinking and accuracy of test case execution, business knowledge and smartness of the ImpactQA team. Highly recommend the team & we would continue to use them on all our projects, however big or small they are.

Sachin Mathur

Director IT - Global Design & Innovation

ImpactQA made sure that our mobile and web applications performed better. The testing team ensured there was no lag by considering the volume of data and how frequently updates were made. During our engagement, I have always received timely updates from the ImpactQA team, keeping the process streamlined. I can surely count on them as a trusted QA & testing partner.

Senior QA Manager

Leading Middle Eastern Cinema Chain

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