Security Testing Services to Prevent System Breaches

Dynamic application security testing services to effectively expose software vulnerabilities, minimize risks and ensure better application scalability

Security & Penetration Testing Services for Business-Critical
Software Applications

Comprehensive security testing service offering to uncover system vulnerabilities with an aim to minimize risks and target improved quality assurance. ImpactQA makes use of a reliable cybersecurity framework to help enterprises maintain business continuity by providing security validation services involving potent technologies like IoT, Cloud and SAP.

50+ Certified Security Testing Professionals

50+ Certified Security Testing Professionals

Team of security testing professionals holding certifications such as CEH, ECSA, CISA, OSCP, CISSP ,CREST, etc

Zero Defect Leakage

Zero Defect

Deployment of unit testing automation for nullifying the count of defects found during the SDLC

40% Reduced QA Costs

40% Reduced QA Costs

Comprehensive security testing merged with efficient IT systems for quick execution of test cases and reduced operational costs

Multi-Domain Security Testing Projects

Multi-Domain Security Testing Projects

High-end expertise in web, desktop, mobile and client-server apps for enterprises belonging to multiple industry spheres

Follow the Sun Model

Follow the Sun

Practice “follow the sun” model to cater to global workflow across different time zones

ImpactQA's Security Testing Methodology

As a leading penetration testing company, ImpactQA deploys an effective pen testing methodology that involves the setting up of simulated cyber attack against the software application for identifying system vulnerabilities and further suggest security corrections.

Creation of Threat Models

Highlight risks & threats and further break them into smaller segments

Develop Test Plan

Roadmap for security testing processes & required resources

Run Test Cases

Implementation of Design security. UI security, and uncovering system vulnerabilities

Create Vulnerability Report

Validate the presence of vulnerabilities analyze their impact on the system

Perform RCA (Root Cause Aalysis)

Analyze the verified bugs and define their root cause to improve project quality

Security Testing Service Offerings

Web App Security Testing

Web App Security Testing

Ethical hacking engagement specially designed to assess vulnerabilities within the design, architecture, and configuration of web-based applications.

Network Security Testing

Network Security Testing

A type of ethical hacking technique that simulates attacks on your enterprise’s network & systems to avoid unauthorized network intrusion.

API Security Testing

API Security Testing

API security testing is concerned with the testing of API's functions and check if they hacked or bypassed on the grounds of authorization and authentication.

Compliance Testing

Compliance Testing

Automated scanning and manual security assessment to confirm compliance with industry-specific security guidelines (DSS, HIPAA, PCI) and further assist on alleviating compliance gaps.

Cloud Security Testing

Cloud Security Testing

Identification of potential security vulnerabilities linked to your cloud service and provide better remediation and defense capabilities.

Intrusive Testing

Intrusive Testing

Successful scanning of the application to find potential vulnerabilities like open ports, and security loopholes for ensuring network safety.

Source Code Review

Source Code Review

Manual & automation source code review to detect possible vulnerabilities with code readability, efficiency, and logic structure to prevent security breaches.

Mobile App Security Testing

Mobile App Security Testing

Security testing process which helps uncover possible threats capable of permitting external sources to access private data stored within mobile devices.

Excellence in Quality-based Security Testing

VAPT Capability

VAPT Capability- Vulnerability Testing Services

Our Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing (VAPT) model helps an organization acquire a detailed view about programming errors and proper risk management against cyber attacks.

Cyber Security Consulting

Cyber security testing services focused at highlighting weaknesses by playing both the attacker and the protector in software applications, networks and computer systems to further suggest preventive measures against hackers.

Cyber Security Consulting

Static Application Security Testing (SAST)

Deploy SAST with a purpose of evaluating both client-side and server-side weaknesses especially related to source code, buffer overflows and cross-site scripting.

Static Application Security Testing

Leverage ImpactQA’s Software & Application Security Testing Services To Offer A Seamless Experience To Your Users

Security Testing Service Differentiators

Managed Security Testing

Availability of essential software security testing services on a recurring basis that reduces the time and investment to conduct security testing activities.

Threat Modeling

Providing a proactive assessment of cyber security threats and further prioritizing mitigation strategy for benefiting client enterprises.

Adhere to OWASP Guidelines

Follow industry guidelines like Open Web Security Project (OWASP) along with HIPAA, SOX, PCI-DSS, and WASC Standards.

Next-Gen Testing Techniques

Implement next-gen techniques to check for cross-site scripting, security misconfiguration, and SQL injection.

Firewall Assessment

Deploying firewall testing helps to determine the security level for a firewall against attacks which are likely to be initiated by network intruders.

Recognition of False Positives & False Negatives

Precise technique that flags security discrepancies within the system and reduces the chance of ignoring any vulnerability.

Customized Security Framework

Creation of customized app security framework keeping in mind project- and client-based requirements.

Collaborative Alliances

Strengthened collaborations with leading security testing tool providers including Metasploit, Microfocus, kiuwan, Wireshark, Nessus.

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