Quick Project Fulfilment using Microservices Testing Solutions


Microservices provide businesses the benefit of exploring new market opportunities by allowing them to distribute specific components of their software application rather than the entire solution. Microservices testing is done at ImpactQA at the most fundamental level to guarantee that your app is equipped to handle a range of business challenges.

The team of skilled engineers construct and implement thorough testing procedures connected with your microservices architecture as you embark on the path to digital transformation. ImpactQA’s microservices testing services ensure that your software apps are of sufficient quality, performance, and affordability.

Benefits of Microservices Testing Services

Smartly Leverage Service Virtualization

Smartly Leverage Service Virtualization

Use of Service Virtualization to bring in more predictable across test environments

Adhere to Microservices Protocols

Adhere to Microservices Protocols

All microservice protocols (HTTP(S), RabbitMQ, REST, Kafka, MQTT) and message formats are supported under the comprehensive microservices testing solutions

Exhaustive Bug Reporting

Exhaustive Bug

Microservices test results that comply with ISO/IEC/IEEE 29119-3:2013, such as thorough bug reports on a daily basis

Management of Changing Microservices

Management of Changing Microservices

Tracks for changes in service definitions and databases with the AI to figure out the best approach to map and neutralize those changes

Microservices Testing Types


Proficiency with Microservices Testing Services

AI-Powered Automated App Testing

Managed Testing Approach

Deliver affordable, enterprise managed testing solution focused at software quality and reduced time-to-market

Cloud Automation Testing Services

Test Automation Services

Increase the value of a contemporary microservices infrastructure by incorporating the assurance of automated testing

Why Choose ImpactQA?

Why Choose ImpactQA?

Detailed consultation on microservices testing to understand software requirements and project-relation discrepancies

Reduced microservices testing cost by 30%

Deep understanding and knowledge of microservices architecture

Post-release support & maintenance for keeping a check on risks & technical flaws

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