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HQ? HQ! Where? There!
Where was our HQ and will we go there again?
-if you want to explore read on, you can also macro it "/macro HQ &gotopos 731 33 306"
you can copy this with the " and paste it in chat with CTRLINSERT

Tabor Park near Central and East hardline 

[Image: screenshot_5.jpg]

Visual aid, it's the glass & red brick building (marked Red on the mini map):

[Image: screenshot_4.jpg]

Conference room: Tabor Park, X:729 Y:33 Z:306

[Image: screenshot_3.jpg]

Wreck's office "close the door, we need to talk..." : Tabor Park, X:749 Y:33 Z:286

[Image: screenshot_2.jpg]

And yes I hope we can use it again in the (near) future
Note: This location does not make a conversation private!
[Image: Wick-Neo.gif]

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