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Download & Install Instructions
Hi, so you want to play The Matrix Online?

Follow these instructions: 

First download the Client from either or from The Anomalies 

Warning! These are 1.6GB downloads ensure you got a good connection an enough space on your HDD/SDD! 

Install the client...

After install, download the patch from either or from The Anomalies

Run the patcher

Register an account at!
This is will be the name/password for when you log into BOTH... the Game & site. So Dont Forget it!
(The Forum Name/Password is a Separate Account)

[Image: 1_12_06_21_11_50_55.jpeg]

Click on Login & Sign in with the name/password that you just created...

[Image: 1_12_06_21_11_51_42.jpeg]

...Next Click on Your Name:

[Image: 1_12_06_21_11_52_34.jpeg]

...Then Click on the "Create New Character" Button:

[Image: 1_12_06_21_11_54_01.jpeg]

Fill out your new character's info


First Name: Thomas
Last Name: Anderson
Handle: Neo
Organization: Zion

and then continue.

Now that you've created a character, you can now log into the Game to check if it worked! Login with the same name/password you use on the site.

[Image: 1_12_06_21_11_55_26.jpeg]

Your Character's Name will appear like up above^ Chose your name and click select.

After the game loads you'll see Your Character.
[Image: Wick-Neo.gif]
Once you're in and want to participate as a The Anomalies member, please enter in chat:
&org Zion

To set organization to Zion (mission system is not in place yet, so you can't earn reputation)
&faction {c:ffff00}The Anomalies{/c}

To set The Anomalies as your Faction tag (due to same reason you can't be recruited like it used to be)
[Image: Wick-Neo.gif]

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